Tankfarm Helps You to Pick the Best Propane Service
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January 18, 2022

You need propane, whether you have a propane generator, grill, fire pit, fridge, stove, heater, or some other appliance that you rely on for at-home use or for your business. Thus, when it comes to picking a propane supplier near you, you want to get the best deal possible. Many propane services come with fine print and hidden fees that you may not be aware of when you first sign up for them, and they end up costing you a lot in the long run.

Avoid the extra costs and get a low price on propane refills when you follow these tips, which can help you find the best propane prices from propane suppliers near you!

Find the Right Propane Servicer

There are some traits you should look for in any propane supplier that you’re looking to commit to. Ask yourself the following questions or reach out and contact the propane service directly to make sure you’re getting the best deal and service possible.

Do They Have Additional Fees or Hidden Charges?

Many propane providers DO have extra fees associated with their services that cover more than delivering your propane, but you might not realize it. What happens when you've already signed a contract but the first payment comes up, and it’s exponentially higher than the estimated cost? From safety inspections, hazmat, delivery, and tank fees, you may not realize that you’re paying extra for these necessary services until it’s too late.

At the very least, you’ll be paying far more for your propane the first few months, until you can back out of your delivery contract. Or you may have to wait a full year until the contract expires and you can find another service with the best refill propane prices elsewhere.

What should you look for instead? Look for a company that is upfront about its fees. Better yet, find a company that doesn’t expect you to pay them at all! At Tankfarm Propane, we do NOT charge for safety inspections. We don’t have any extra delivery fees, hazmat, or tank fees. That means our advertised price is the real price.

What Is in the Contract?

Whenever you sign a contract to get your propane gas tank refilled, read it thoroughly or consider hiring an attorney to look over it for you. Many propane providers hide services and fees in the fine print, which many forgo reading. This is where they will technically tell you about the hidden fees discussed above, but you may not know about them. If you sign, then you're locked into a year-long contract that you can’t get out of when prices start to rise.

Find a transparent company. Look for a company that’s not trying to trick you into paying more. An honest company will be upfront about the raw costs of propane, along with the extra fees that need to be paid so they can deliver a filled propane tank to you.

Find a company that doesn’t lock you into a year-long contract. When you work with Tankfarm Propane, you don’t have to worry about long-term contracts. We trust in our services and believe that you’ll come back, even with a month-to-month contract. But if you aren’t happy or you don’t need monthly propane gas refills, you’re free to leave at any time.

Will You Be Able to Reach Them?

It’s not enough to search for the “best propane prices” or find “propane suppliers near me” in Google. You want to find a supplier near you that also has the best service and is reliable.

Many large propane companies do not provide adequate service, even though they are reliable at delivering your propane refills. In the end, they aren’t concerned about customer service and treat you and your family or business like a number instead of a valuable asset. This means that when you have an emergency, such as a leak, or if you’ve run out of fuel in the middle of a snowstorm, it’s going to be nearly impossible to get help from them. Plus it will end up costing you a lot more, in the long run, finding someone to help you in the emergency scenario.

Find a propane provider with good customer service. Don’t get left in the cold (pun intended)—work with Tankfarm Propane. We care about your safety; with our 24/7 free tank monitor that’s included on each customer tank, our propane drivers know when it’s time for your next propane refill. That way, you never have to worry about running out!

This can also help us detect problems with your tank, like leaks, if it seems the tank is emptying too quickly.

How Modern and Transparent Are They?

Finally, you want a propane company that’s kept up with modern times. If you can control your home temperature, lights, and security features with your phone, why not your propane tank levels? Many propane companies still haven’t taken advantage of this technology and require you to physically check your propane tanks to see how much fuel is left in the unit.

Find a propane refill servicer that’s up to date. With Tankfarm Propane, you can check your propane levels and usage right from your phone with our convenient app. You can even see your monthly usage from the app and check the current price of propane. This makes managing your propane hassle-free and easy.

Get the Best Deal on Propane Near You

If you're looking to get better deals on propane, you need to find a supplier near you who offers efficient service without any hidden fees and extra service costs.

That’s not all though. According to Andrew Heaney, CEO of Tankfarm Propane, propane prices will continue to fluctuate during the next year. While propane prices may vary because of this, the core ideal of Tankfarm Propane is transparency. Through these price changes, our goal is to keep you informed about how propane prices will affect you and the price of our service. This way, you can adjust your order and plan your propane usage so that you always stay within budget.

Get the best deal for propane by choosing a trusted servicer that has transparency and honesty at the core of its business practices. See if Tankfarm Propane has suppliers near you, and start saving today! Give us a call, or schedule an appointment to see if our services will work for you.

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