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Fair & Transparent Pricing

Our commitment to technological innovation and efficiency ensures you receive great propane prices.

Unmatched Convenience

We designed our services to make buying propane effortless for you.

Best in Class Service

Our team of experts are committed to delivering you the best experience in propane.

Switch to better propane today.

Our team of experts are committed to delivering superior service.

What our customers say

Tankfarm responded quickly to my initial inquiry and sent me the paperwork soon after. I was paired up with a local propane supplier and my savings were immediate! ... The transition to the new supplier through Tankfarm was seamless. I've been saving ever since. I highly recommend Tankfarm.
Mags L.
on Google
They have been the best service and price I have had in 14 years.
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Tom A
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The customer service was great -- knowledgeable people; accessible when I needed them; and they return phone calls promptly. The price per gallon of the propane I purchased through them was the best I could obtain and saved me hundreds of dollars per top-up on my 1,000-gallon tank.
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Everything has been as promised. Easy sign up, no cost safety check before installation, no tank rental fees, transparent pricing, reliable and courteous delivery. Impressive by any standards, but spectacular when compared with my previous supplier!
Denise W.
on Google
Tankfarm was a huge WIN for me. I finally was able to find a very competitive rate for propane and auto fill too. I used to spend way too much time calling around for the best rate each time I needed a fill on my personally owned propane tank ... You should definitely check it out!!
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