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Benefits of Tankfarm

Lower pricing
Tankfarm doesn't have the same overhead as other propane companies, so we pass those cost savings on to you. Learn more from our pricing page.See how it works
No fees
Tankfarm doesn't charge any fees, and our terms are transparent and fair. Contact us now to learn more.See how it works
Free tank monitor *
Tankfarm customers get a free propane tank monitor so you never have to worry about running out. Contact us now to learn more.See how it works
Tankfarm Mobile App
Check your tank level right from your phone
Get insights into your propane usage
Earn rewards and free propane
Check your price and your deliveries
Tankfarm Voice
Access your pricing, tank levels, delivery history and more from your Alexa, Siri or Google Home devices. See how it works
Fighting climate change. One tank at a time.
Tankfarm purchases high quality carbon credits to offset the impact of every gallon of propane you buy. Learn more about our mission.
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Because buying propane should be simple, transparent, and fair.

A new way to buy propane

Transparent pricing

24/7 tank monitoring

Powered by technology

Tankfarm's service is free.
You only pay for propane.

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What our customers say

Denise W.on Google
recommends Tankfarm
Everything has been as promised. Easy sign up, no cost safety check before installation, no tank rental fees, transparent pricing, reliable and courteous delivery. Impressive by any standards, but spectacular when compared with my previous supplier!
KC D.on Google
recommends Tankfarm
Tankfarm was a huge WIN for me. I finally was able to find a very competitive rate for propane and auto fill too. I used to spend way too much time calling around for the best rate each time I needed a fill on my personally owned propane tank. I also waited until my tank was nearly empty, prolonging the aggravation of price shopping, always hoping I'd make it until the delivery arrived. You should definitely check it out!!
Tom Aon Facebook
They have been the best service and price I have had in 14 years.
NCon Google
recommends Tankfarm
The customer service was great -- knowledgeable people; accessible when I needed them; and they return phone calls promptly. The price per gallon of the propane I purchased through them was the best I could obtain and saved me hundreds of dollars per top-up on my 1,000-gallon tank.
Mags L.on Google
recommends Tankfarm
Tankfarm responded quickly to my initial inquiry and sent me the paperwork soon after. I was paired up with a local propane supplier and my savings were immediate! Other than completing the initial paperwork I didn't have to do anything. The transition to the new supplier through Tankfarm was seamless. I've been saving ever since. I highly recommend Tankfarm. Excellent customer service, follow through and they fulfill their promises.
Vincent G.on Google
recommends Tankfarm
Tank Farm is worth a good look. They provide customers with complimentary initial safety line integrity inspections, as well as gratis remote tank level monitoring. Best of all, they are are very competitive in terms of per gallon pricing, and they treat customers with respect. They do what they say and always get back to you. Their delivery representatives have well maintained vehicles and are courteous. I love their business model and Tank Farm.
Jerry B.on Google
recommends Tankfarm
Tankfarm has saved me thousands of dollars over the 6 years or so I have been with them. Their customer service is great. Never a problem. Contact them for your propane tanks.
Fred A.on Facebook
Very professional, knowledgeable technician, quick to respond to customer needs and requests. Very glad we chose Tankfarm to take care of our fireplace. Caring company.
MrJkm101on Google
recommends Tankfarm
Before joining Tankfarm, every time we needed propane necessitated multiple phone calls to check propane prices. But with Tankfarm's arrangement with a single supplier, we get consistently low prices on our fill ups, hassle free. I recommend them- easy to join, no cost, and you're good to go!
Toby H.on Google
I have been with Tankfarm for a couple of years and they have given me the best propane pricing in the area.
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At Tankfarm, we pride ourselves on being transparent.
Here are a few things to keep in mind when applying with us:
Tank monitors may not be available in all regions or for all applications.
Minimum annual required gallons may apply depending on your location.
If you fail your tank inspection, and work needs to be done to bring it up to code, you will need to pay our supplier or another vendor to perform this work before we can make deliveries to you.
Your propane price is pegged to the wholesale price of propane (a good thing- it’s how the big boys buy their propane) so your price will move up and down with the market.
Tankfarm promises fair and transparent pricing, no fees, no unfair terms, and free tank monitoring. We do not guarantee we are the lowest price. If you can find propane cheaper elsewhere and think you’ve found a better value- go for it. We will focus on the other folks who need our help! 🙂
At the moment Tankfarm is unable to help folks who use propane for small BBQ tanks or tanks mounted on recreational vehicles (RV's). But we're working on it!
If you request special services, or need work performed on your propane systems, you'll be charged at regular rates.

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