Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tankfarm propane?
Tankfarm is a propane distribution company that is laser focused on the residential propane market and delivers a seamless customer experience.
Who is Tankfarm?
Tankfarm is a new kind of propane distribution company that builds software and applications that connect propane customers with suppliers in an easy, intuitive, transparent way.
What are the sizes of propane tanks?
There are many propane tank sizes that can be used depending on location and usage. An important first understanding is that propane tanks primarily are described by the capacity in gallons - if you were going to fill that tank with water. For instance, a 500-gallon tank would hold 500 gallons of water. But propane is not water and a propane tank cannot be filled to 100% of its capacity because of its ability to expand and contract. As a result, and safety measure, propane tanks should only be filled to 80% of its capacity. So, a 500-gallon tank will hold 400 gallons of propane. This filling to 80% capacity rule is consistent no matter what size of propane tank.
Here is a guide to Tankfarm's tanks:
120 gallon (or 420lb) tank
hold 96 gallons when full
Dimensions: 4'6" in height and 30" in diameter.
Uses: 1-2 residential appliances. Commonly used for a hot water heater or space heater alone, or with another small appliance like a dryer or cooktop. Commercial uses include dry cleaning, temporary heating, commercial cooking, and heating smaller spaces.
250 gallon tank
holds 200 gallons when full
Dimensions: 98" long and 30" in diameter.
Uses: Supplemental heating or 2 home appliances including water heaters, generators, and pool heaters. A 250 gallon propane tank holds 200 gallons of propane when full.
325/330 gallon tank
holds 260 gallons when full
Dimensions: 114 inches long and 30 inches high.
Uses: The least common for residential homes. The are primarily used in a residential setting in a medium sized home in an average climate.
500 gallon tank
holds 400 gallons when full
Dimensions: 120 inches long and 38 inches in height
Uses: Primarily used for home heating or homes with 2-3 propane appliances such as supplemental or space heaters, hot water heaters, and generators. Commercial applications include heating, temporary heating, cooking, and a variety of agricultural applications.
1,000 gallon tank
holds 800 gallons when full
Dimensions: 190 inches long and 41" in diameter.
Uses: Home heating for larger square footage homes or homes with all appliances running on propane. Large commercial appliances and heating, fleet and transportation refueling. A 1000 gallon propane tank holds 800 gallons when full.
Who owns Tankfarm?
Tankfarm is primarily owned by its employees, but also has a great group of private investors too.
Is Tankfarm legit?
Tankfarm is an endorsed benefit program to over 1m union households, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation. Tankfarm also belongs to the National Propane Gas Association, as well at 14 state propane gas associations. We are too legit to quit.
How does Tankfarm work?
Tankfarm builds software and applications that improve the customer experience for residential propane consumers, who haven’t had the option to work with suppliers that prioritize transparency, ease-of-use, and tech enabled customer service.
How much should I expect to save as a member of Tankfarm?
Savings varies by how much you use and if you own your tank, but our average member saves between $300-500 a year.
I own my own tank. Can I still use Tankfarm?
Absolutely. We have thousands of members who own their own tanks.
Who does my deliveries and service?
You’ll receive your deliveries from one of our accredited fulfillment partners, and Tankfarm will bill you directly using a credit card or ACH connection to a bank account.
Who do I pay?
When a delivery is made, you’ll be automatically billed on your credit card or bank account by Tankfarm. *

* A handful of Tankfarm suppliers bill our customers directly. If you have questions regarding billing, please contact our Membership Support team at
Does it cost anything to join Tankfarm?
Tankfarm is a no-fee program. As long as you are on automatic delivery, the only thing you pay for is propane.
Are there any other potential costs to me?
If you request special services, or need work performed on your propane systems (for example, for your system to be in regulatory compliance), you’ll be charged at regular rates.
How are your prices so much lower?
Tankfarm buys millions of gallons of propane each year. That gives us the negotiating leverage to offer you better pricing and better terms.
How does price work?
Your price is determined on your annual usage. It is also indexed to the wholesale price of propane, which means your price will move up and down with the market. It is hands down the best pricing system available to residential consumers in our opinion.
Do I have to sign a long-term agreement?
No. Our members stay with Tankfarm because they want to not because they’re forced to.
I’m leasing tanks from my dealer now. Can I join Tankfarm?
Yes, our accredited fulfillment partner will simply move your existing dealers tank out of the way, and replace it with one of their tanks. They will then provide a safety check to make sure your gas system is safe and secure.
How do I sign up?
To join Tankfarm, you can get started here.
How do I delete my account?
Please give us a call at 1-855-976-4141 if you would like to delete your account.

Personally identifiable information will be deleted, with the exception of your email address which we will retain to keep you on our "do not market to" list. Any data necessary to fulfill our legal, regulatory, or contractual requirements will be retained.
Are tank monitors available for everyone?
Tank monitors may not be available in all regions or for all applications.
Do you have any minimum gallon requirements?
Minimum annual required gallons may apply depending on your location.
What happens if my inspection fails?
If you fail your tank inspection, and work needs to be done to bring it up to code, you will need to pay our supplier or another vendor to perform this work before we can make deliveries to you.
How does propane pricing work?
Your propane price is pegged to the wholesale price of propane (a good thing- it’s how the big boys buy their propane) so your price will move up and down with the market.
Do you guarantee the lowest prices?
Tankfarm promises fair and transparent pricing, no fees, no unfair terms, and free tank monitoring. We do not guarantee we are the lowest price. If you can find propane cheaper elsewhere and think you’ve found a better value- go for it. We will focus on the other folks who need our help! 🙂
What if I need special services or other work for propane?
If you request special services, or need work performed on your propane systems, you'll be charged at regular rates.
How does your ‘Never Run Out Guarantee’ work?
Tankfarm’s ‘Never Run Out Guarantee’ is contingent on a working tank monitor at the customer’s location and also payment history that has been kept consistently current. In addition, it is not available when emergency declarations and/or governmental hours of service waivers are in effect.
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