Want to get rid of your heating oil system?

Tankfarm can help- and save you thousands of dollars too

Why switch from oil to Tankfarm?

Cut your energy bills in half
At current prices, replacing your old heating oil system with a new high-efficiency Tankfarm propane system could reduce your energy bills by up to 50%* or more. That means a savings of $2,000 or more for the average heating oil user.
No more soot
Heating oil equals soot, and that equals equipment breakdowns. Heating oil users buy expensive service contracts and burner cleanings and still don’t know if their system will get the job done. With your new clean burning Tankfarm propane system you won’t have these issues.
Never run out of fuel
Heating oil users run out of oil all the time. At Tankfarm, we’ll put a free monitor on your propane tank. You can monitor your propane levels on your award-winning Tankfarm mobile app, and we’ll guarantee you’ll never run out of fuel- ever.
All our systems will include Tankfarm connected Nest learning thermostats, that will reduce your energy usage by 25% on average, and allow us to monitor your heating system remotely. We’ll know if your boiler is having issues, or if the temperature in your house is too low.
Best equipment. Best installers. Best financing.
Tankfarm will take care of everything. We’ll get rid of your old system. We’ll install a top quality, high-efficiency system and free propane tanks. We only work with the best technicians and installers, and will provide you with the lowest cost financing available.

Converting from heating oil to Tankfarm could cut your heating bills in half.*

*Based on analysis of Tankfarm conversion data. Actual savings will be affected by changes in energy prices, and weather.