Fair, transparent
pricing - always

That's our commitment to you

Our service, your inspection and your tank monitor are free *

You're only responsible for:

Your propane deliveries

When you get a delivery, we'll charge your card

Additional service

If you request special services, or need work performed on your propane systems, you'll be charged at regular rates

How payment works

Credit card

We keep your card on file with us


Our tank monitor tells us when you need a delivery *


We charge your card after a delivery is made

How your price works

Tankfarm uses the wholesale price of propane to determine your cost
Your price will move up and down with the market
Your price will always be transparent and fair

How your deliveries work

Tankfarm partners with local propane marketers to perform your deliveries
Tankfarm monitors your tank and lets them know when you need a delivery *

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