Voice And Tone
Voice and Tone

Tankfarm's voice is at the core of who we are, reflected in our communication, visual design, marketing, interactions with customers, and the overall experience we offer. It reflects our core values of clarity, innovation and being helpful.

Our Voice

Tankfarm speaks in a voice that mirrors our core values:

  • Clear: We believe in straightforward communication. Our messages are designed to be transparent, easily understood, removing complexities and making information accessible to everyone.
  • Innovative: Our voice carries the spirit of innovation that drives Tankfarm. We talk about the future with excitement and a focus on the possibilities that lie ahead. Our language reflects our commitment to leading the charge in energy solutions, always looking for better, smarter ways to meet our customers' needs.
  • Helpful: At the heart of Tankfarm is the desire to assist and empower our customers. Our communications are crafted not just to inform but to provide real value to our audience, whether through tips, insights, or direct support.

Our Tone

Our tone adapts to our audience and context but always stays true to our brand's heart. It's professional yet friendly, authoritative yet accessible, and always forward-thinking. We aim to inspire confidence and excitement about the future, emphasizing that, with Tankfarm, that future is bright, clear, and within reach.

How We Communicate

  • In Our Marketing: Tankfarm's marketing campaigns are a vibrant showcase of our voice. Through compelling visuals and engaging narratives, we illustrate the power of clear, innovative, and helpful solutions that can transform our customer’s lives.
  • With Our Customers: Every interaction with our customers is an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to clarity, innovation, and support. From our simple sign up process, app-enabled propane monitoring, best in class customer service, we make every touchpoint a positive and empowering experience.
  • Across Our Touchpoints: Whether it's our website, social media, or direct communications, Tankfarm maintains a consistent voice that's true to our brand's core values. We strive to provide clarity, innovation and helpfulness to all our current and future customers.

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